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Welcome to Talon Volleyball Club, formally Escondido City Volleyball. We decided to rebrand our club in the summer of 2023. However our values remain. At Talon Volleyball Club, we are committed to delivering top-tier coaching that is both accessible and affordable, ensuring that every aspiring athlete can thrive. Our experienced coaching staff focuses on fostering skill development, teamwork, and personal growth, while our dedication to inclusivity creates a supportive community for players of all backgrounds. We prioritize the holistic development of our athletes, aiming to shape well-rounded individuals who excel on and off the court. Through a genuine passion for the game, we envision a future where volleyball becomes a transformative experience for all. Join us at Talon Volleyball Club, where excellence meets affordability, and the love for volleyball is cultivated in a positive and inclusive environment.

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Escondido, CA, USA

Call or Text (760) 975-4774

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